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Fire Alarm Systems

Air Sampling Systems

FAAST 8100 Hava Örneklemeli Sistem

FAAST 8100 - Air Sampling Fire Alarm Panel

- Stand alone device for mission critical applications where very early warning fire detection is required
- Sensitivity range 0.0015% Obs/m to 20.5% Obs/m
- Eliminates false alarm risks through patented filtering technology and dual optics (IR & blue LED)
- Remote monitoring via onboard Ethernet interface
- Integrated IP conectivity

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FAAST LT Hava Örneklemeli Sistem

FAAST LT - Air Sampling Fire Alarm Panel

- For use where traditional detetion fails and maintenance is difficult
- Uses Pinnacle high sensitivity laser detection technology
- Sensitivity range 0.06% Obs/m to 6% Obs/m
- Single or dual channel detectors
- Double knock option
- Stand-alone or Advanced Protocol loop-based device

Technical Document

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