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Fire Alarm Systems

Gas Alarm Systems - Long Distance Analogue


FCGAL XY-123-1234 Gas Detector

- IP66 sealed
- 4 – 20 mA analogue output
- Device status display
-% LEL, PPM or% V0L measurement
- Optional relay card

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FCGAL EX XY-123-1234 Ex-Proof Gas Detector

- ATEX approved
- 4 – 20 mA analogue output
- Device status display
-% LEL, PPM or% V0L measurement
- Optional relay card

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FCG2000 - Addressable Gas Alarm Panel

- 99 Detectors per loop
- Up to 10 km. loop lenght (max. 1µ, max. 2 km.)
- It has range from 1 up to 1000 loops
- Modular concept
- 1000 events history
- Wide LCD display (4X40 characters)
- Up to 40 characters user point message
- Fully conrolled with alpha-numeric keypad
- Unlimited network capability by FCENet
- Directlt connection to any 3rd party via inbuilt MODBUS port or TCP/IP gateway
- Enhanced module fonction combinations
- Easy to install, network, configure and maintain
- Class A or Class B loop line option can be selected from software
- Shortcut keys for easy and fast transaction processing capability with programable software, user friendly solutions
- Easy and fully functional panel keypad
- Graphic display, remote control and upload/download software
- Prossibility to change the day and night detection level
- Four level of detection set possibility
- Sequential automatic system control (walktest)
- Three level password protection
- Optional thermal printer
- Independent group and zone identification and programmability

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LCD Dokunmatik Panel

FCG2000R - Repeater Panel

- Compatible with protocol Advanced Intelligent
- Connects to MODBUS peripheral bus
- 4,7" Touch Screen (8 Shades of Blue)
- 1000 events history
- All operating and monitoring functions realized using
  touch panel
- Controls for system reset, accept, mute, silence alarms
  and self test
- Directly connection to any 3rd party network with
  USB2.0, RS485
- Easy to install, network, maintain

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Yangın Alarm Sistemi Grafik İzleme Yazılımı

FCGGRAPH - Graphical Monitoring Software

- Compatible with protocol Advanced Intelligent
- Schematic layout
- Intuitive control screen layout
- Fire System Management tools
- Fire locations shown on multi level map
- Print location map
- Multiple users with individual passwords
- Simple and user friendly
- Full design/layout control

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