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Fire Alarm Systems

Voice Evacuation Systems - Center Units

FCVC3000 - 250W 24 Zone Digital Ampilifier (Radyo/MP3/CD)

- 250Watt, 2Ways, 24-Zone Dijital Amplifier
- 24 Output select switch & Group select key Simultaneous broadcast
- FM Tuner, 1CDP(MP3+WMA) installed
- Mic. for Emergency broadcasting installed
- PC remote control and Program broadcasting through RS-232C
- Priority : EM > Fire > Tel In > Remote Mic > Mic 1 >
Mic 2~6 > Siren > Chime > Ringer

Technical Document

FCVA2024 - Speaker Line Checker

- It can check speaker wire open, short, and exceed value according to setting up impedance
- It automatically checks speaker wires by program timer operations
- The possible set-up time is between 20 minutes and 200 minutes
- RS-232C terminal IN/OUT CONTROL with AMX/CRESTRON Interface
- DC 24V operation
- Keeps stored values by Non volatile memory
- Alert sounds when fault is found
- Buzzer on/off function

Technical Document

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